Bring 100,000 adults "above the line"
within 18 months
We will change the world, from the bottom up using a decentralized technology and approach
By creating decentralized economies globally using local churches as a hub and building economies around them by providing jobs that pay above the 50% line and providing them with other 21st century technologies.
What Does "Above The Line Mean"?
There are many problems in the world today. And while most people in the media and governments today are screaming for "Equality" and "Inclusion" most just think about themselves, and fail to realize what's going on in the world. 

The fact is, there will never be equality unless we fix these problems: 
  • 2 billion adults have no access to financial services
  • ​50% of the world lives in less than $5 per day
  • 50% of the world has no access to internet
  • 30% of the world has no access to clean water
  • ​60% of the world has no "hub" no local church
Poverty and inequality cannot be solved without fixing these problems
It's Time For A New Approach!
Are You In To Change The World?
A New Paradigm
Top down centrally planned solutions will never succeed.

Over the last 80 yrs the pendulum of progress has swing towards centralization and globalization but top heavy bloat and bureaucracies make this approach slow, ineffective, inefficient and have proven to be obsolete.

Charity doesn't work:
Traditional charity organizations also fail because of their methods.

Charity handouts only leads to laziness, entitlement, lack of self worth, discontent, anger, and even hate.

By providing people with the ability to earn "above the line" income, and new technologies, We can give them a greater sense of purpose ownership and fulfillment
There Is A Solution!
The answer to all these problems is decentralization. The worlds pendulum is now peak centralization and is being rejected. The pendulum is now swing back towards decentralization at a time we have a technological revolution with decentralized technology.

People do not need or even want charity hand out, but rather hand ups that empower and encourage them to lead better lives and help others. Creating a strong viral loop that leads to more people helping others.

Using this technology and the concept of the Mission Trail. We will create economies with technology, providing jobs and giving them the ability to earn money, in a stable money, giving them the ability to provide for themselves their families and their communities.
Create The Hub
Working with and through local churches and leaders already on the ground, will allow us to scale ethically and more cost effectively. 
Create Jobs
Providing smartphones for a work platform for Micro Tasks, giving self worth and the ability to earn approx $5 per hr / and $10 per day
With Technology
These decentralized economies will need modern technologies such as broadband internet, reliable power, and clean water. 
Create Economies
Create thriving local economies that is: borderless, permissionless, trustless, immutable and censorship-resistant. Bitcoin
Global Decentralized Economies - 
Won't have access to the traditional financial system so we will create thriving local economies by joining them on the new global financial network that is: borderless, permission less, trustless, immutable and censorship-resistant. Yes, this will be built on Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin they will have a money that cannot be inflated away like their local currency and cannot be seized or stolen by a corrupt government. They will be self sovereign and their purchasing power will grow instead of fall as is programmed in with the traditional Fiat money system.

This will allow them to build a robust, vibrant and growing community built on a solid monetary foundation with all the modern technologies needed to support it and a community of people all working for the betterment of each other.
Our Core Values
Serve Others
Happy people serve others, and by helping get the people of the world what they need, we can get what we want, which is a whole new world
Empower and Teach
Charity always backfires, creating laziness and entitlement. Instead we teach and empower people to help themselves and communty
Top down centrally controlled models have failed and always will. We will create change from the bottom up - decentralized collectives
Lasting Change
changing the the foundation of the monetary systems, creating jobs, creating education and communty, will create lasting change.
Not A Dream... We Have A Plan!
changing the world is a big goal, but we can do it, step by step
  • Find areas in the world that are below the line
  • Locate local churches or outreaches already in place trying to help their communities, to come in and support
  • Support them by providing smart phones with open source internet, email, and bitcoin payment apps.
  • ​Provide jobs. Including assistance and training to enable them to earn $5/hr and up to $10/day
  • ​Build the economy on Bitcoin by getting merchant adoption to keep the bitcoin in the economy instead of being cashed out to Fiat.
  • ​Layer on more technologies as needed, broadband, power, water, etc.
  • ​Assist to grow the community across their countries reaching and lifting up more people
  • ​Working with governments to join in and adopt the new bitcoin community standard as the gov'ts recognized money and even treasury reserve asset
  •  Through the smartphone network in hand, layer in education, to create lasting change
  • ​Continue to empower, build, train, encourage, and duplicate until we change the world, from the bottom up
This is all being done through a non profit, partnering with a for profit company that will be providing the jobs and income to the local people

Because of this relationship, over time the non profit will be self sustaining and able to grow and expand without the need for charity and fundraising. Instead, per the decentralized nature and movement we would look for more help and involvement to build, grow and spread, over the need for charity

Remember a hand up not out
Are You In To Change The World?
The Launch Plan!
Launching Right Now!
2021 -
We are working with a community already running on Bitcoin in surf community in El Salvador in the town of El Zonte affectionately called "Bitcoin Beach". This is a real world case study of how this can take a struggling community with no financial services and turn them around into a thriving community that is now able to host a global surf competition.

We are adding in the "missing ingredient" which is for their local community to have the ability to earn money as there are no jobs. Also, they need smartphones as many of them don't even have the phones to use the bitcoin in the new economy. 

So we are now working with this project, proving them the smart phones and the ability to earn $5/hr and paid out in Bitcoin directly to their smart phone wallets.

Through the rest of 2021, we will expand what El Zonte is doing further along the coast lines of El Salvador. We are also starting to strategize with a local community in Peru and Kandui in Indonesia as the next destinations for 2021

Read Story Of El Zonte and Bitcoin Beach - CLICK HERE
Next Steps
18 Month Goal
This is where it gets big, real and scary.

Our goal is to bring 100,000 people above the line within 18 months. 
Stretch Goals - Down the road
The mission here is to change the world from the bottom up.

once we have built decentralized communities all over the world, with millions of users earning above the line wages and having smartphones in their pockets, we have the power and ability to literally change the world from the bottom up.

A smartphone with a broadband connection is the greatest equalizer in human history. Any person anywhere in the world, can learn anything, meet anyone, and do anything, this is "equality of opportunity"

With a global decentralized network, of millions of users around the world, a "Decentralized Collective" around the world, we will have the ability to push out more features, more products and technology, more education, into millions of peoples lives, almost instantaneously. 
Future Ideas For Changing The World
* Education:
Change peoples thinking, change the world, We can deliver education right through the smart phone, like church's that started the Universities we have today, we have a new way to build classes into the smartphones, and could offer incentive's to workers to take classes. And if we partnered with a university could even help people get college degrees for free. Some ideas to increase adoptions would be to unlock more work hours for content consumed. Courses would be on free market principals, rationale thought and critical thinking. 
* Micro Loans:
with workers now having regular jobs, they will be establishing work and payment history. After 1, 3, or 6 months of consistently logging in and working daily and showing income history, we could offer small micro loans for new entrepreneurs to help them bring more value and more jobs to their communities.
 * Distribution to layer other products:
- Mosquito repellent
- more ideas to come...

The mission here is to change the world from the bottom up. We think we could have 10 million people switched over to decentralized collective within 5 years, I know, I hate to say it because it's scary, but just think of how much positive change this can bring to the world! 

By creating growth and change at the bottom, it will trickle up and we also want to work with governments to speed this program up.

In El Salvador, we could easily add 100,000 jobs with an estimated $20 million in annual income. We would work with the Government to recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender currency and to adopt it as a reserve asset. We would also work with the governments to provide worker programs, permanent residency and passport programs for other workers to help grow this economy and movement forward. 

Rebuild the world from the ground up
monetary - education - community

Are You In To Change The World?
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